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​冨田 翔悟 (Shogo)
English Mate について

English Mate is a Language Exchange Events  for people who don't have opportunities to speak English, who want to have international friends, thinking about going to English School but it's expensive, and so on.  I made this community in early 2019 for the people.

With the globalization of Japan, it has become increasingly necessary to communicate in English, such as the dramatic increase in tourists and the introduction of English subjects at elementary schools. Even if you still have few opportunities to use English in your workplace, there is no doubt that workers who can speak English in the workplace will gain an advantage in 3 years and 5 years.

English will not only improve your career and life, but meeting new people having different backgrounds there will increase your sensitivity to different cultures.


冨田 翔悟(トミタ ショウゴ)


海外の英語コミュニティーに参加者として週5で通うことによって英語力が飛躍的にアップ。日本に帰国後、できるだけたくさんの方に英語を楽しんで学んでほしいという思いからEnglish Mateを設立。現在オーガナイザーとして活動中。


​趣味:クライミング(歴7年) TOEIC学習


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